Every successful project begins with outstanding research.

With independent and cross-industry know-how, our research team will be happy to support you with on- and offline research.
In this way, you relieve your internal resources while at the same time achieving fast results.

Research is often ridiculed as a classic back-office activity. Yet many companies know from experience that new lines of business or customer branches can only be successfully realised with well-founded research. Thanks to years of experience, the research team at JBI Collectione is happy to support you, especially with your questions from the construction sector, architecture and the real estate industry.

All-in-one package gives you a head start

Our mission is to take over resource-consuming administrative activities to create free space for small and medium-sized companies. We rely on a well-rehearsed team with comprehensive competences as well as a strong network of partners. Through the precise planning of our capacities and the use of tried and tested processes, we enable constant availability and diversity of our services. 

The research team works hand in hand with our Call Centre, so that the use of an all-in-one package not only ensures you a price advantage, but also gives you a time lead over your market competitors due to the close interlocking. 

Get an impression of our expertise and test the services of JBI Collectione for a period of two months without obligation. After this period you will not be able to imagine any other solutions, we are sure of that.

0% effort with 100% satisfaction, that is our promise. 

Outsource research and focus on core activities.