Professional telephone service
from us for you

Whether it's customer service, market research or availability service: With our qualified team we are there for you and your contacts.
Professionally and at the same time personally we take calls or phone the world for you.

Accessibility and excellent service on the phone are still decisive for the success of companies today. But it does not always make sense to keep internal resources available. Benefit from our many years of experience and outsource all activities related to telephony to our trained team without any risk.

services of our call centre

The three benchmarks at JBI Collectione


Our trained staff is able to handle all tasks related to your telephone service not only professionally but also more efficiently than your own resources.


After a short training period, our team works independently based on checklists and discussion guides. Without burdening internal resources.


High accessibility is still a quality feature of leading companies today. We guarantee you this high availability 24/7 at transparent costs. 

JBI collectione stands for comprehensive competence

Our mission is to take over resource-consuming administrative activities to create free space for small and medium-sized companies. We rely on a well-rehearsed team with comprehensive competences as well as a strong network of partners. Through the precise planning of our capacities and the use of tried and tested processes, we enable constant availability and diversity of our services. 

This is how we are uniting the two business lines of call centre and Callsuite under one roof, thus strengthening both regional and international customers.  

Get an impression of our expertise and test the services of JBI Collectione for a period of two months without obligation. After this period you will not be able to imagine any other solutions, we are sure of that.

0% effort with 100% satisfaction, that is our promise. 

Professional and efficient: telephone service at a new level.